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piątek, 29 marca 2013

Hentai download

Yes... you now can download Hentai arts.

                                    Hentai  pictures gallery download  

<====== sample images (in packets is more)

Download links:



                                                  Hentai animations download



download = daily update



piątek, 22 marca 2013

How I make a Art

Hello, today  I'll show you How I make a arts.

                                                      1. SKETCH 






6.Final Version

wtorek, 19 marca 2013

Rangiku BlowJob and Full hentai movie!

                                     Lineart Vs Colored Version #2

We started a Hentai Movie Animation! 1h30min. Hentai of Naruto,bleach,fairy tail! This movie have a short episode with this anime/manga about sex charatcer. But we need dotation(350$) on program and better tablet.
If you like my works, Please donate, helps even one U.S. dollar. If we collect $ 50 will present the trailer for which is already in its final stages.
For those who choose to help you do run out of prizes. Thanks in credist hentai and a special arts for everyone

~Michał and  Desto

我々は同人作品のアニメーションを開始しました! 1h30min。ナルト、ブリーチの変態、妖精の尻尾!この映画は、このアニメ/セックスcharatcer約漫画と短いエピソードを持つ。しかし、我々はより良いプログラムとタブレット上で預け金(350円)が必要です。
あなたは賞金が足りなくなってしまうために選ぶ人のために。 credist変態と皆のための特別な芸術のおかげで
~Michał and Desto

poniedziałek, 18 marca 2013

Inoue Orhime

                                                                      Inoue Orhime <3
Today I draw 2 arts with Inoue Orhime. 

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niedziela, 17 marca 2013

           Lineart Vs Colored version + hentai animation

Tsunade mrrr

Today I draw two arts with Tsunade, mmm

Full Size resolution on Pixiv - soon.


Sample text

Sample Text